Cryptocurrency Investors Lessons

Learn to in invest in Crypto long term, or trade it leveraged on the world famous  MT4  trading platform, earning you profits while Crypto’s are going up OR DOWN.

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Lesson 1 : How to buy Cryptocurrency safely 

We will walk you thru the daunting proccess of finding the correct broker to exchange your fiat currency for digital cryptocurrency.

Lesson 2 : How to invest long term

Learn to buy crypto off a trusted exchnage that will store and hold your digital currency while you wait for the value to increase before easily exchanging it back to fiat and into your bank account

Lesson 3 : Leveraged crypto trading

Learn how to transfer your bitcoin over to a broker that allows you to trade many different cryptos on the MT4 platform. The leverage is up to 1:100 which means you can win  or loose 100 times more then simply buying and holding crypto. This high risk high reward training takes extensive knowledge and discipline, with similar strategies to Forex trading