Forex Lessons

Our Forex training is not for the beginner as there is a multitude of free information out there to teach you the basics and get you started in Forex. It feels wrong to charge anyone for knowledge that is already accessible for free all over the internet such as


This course is for the seasoned trader who has lost 1 too many accounts and finally had enough. We will teach you etensively on market manipulation and the biggest lies in trading which causes 95% of traders to fail..

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Lesson 1 : Psychology of the 95% and why they always loose

Have you ever put in a trade and the market turns against you the second you put it in? then you change your mind and enter another trade the other way and it turns on you again? Or the market hits your stop loss perfectly and then goes your original planned direction? as if the market is some giant monster that knows what you thinking… WELL IT DOES!!! In the first lesson we will teach you how the majority 95% trade and how to realize the psychology behind those trades and put your entries exactly where we are taught not to!

Lesson 2 : Trading with smart money

There are around 10 banks and hedge funds that make up over 80% of the capital in the market. this allows them to move price anywhere they want (to your stops). Together they are known as “smart money”, Learn to spot clues left behind and the large movements of smart money in the markets. Then simply jump on the backs of the monster and ride along with them.

Lesson 3 : Technical Analysis

Learn how the majority over complicated the charts and how to correctly read a simple naked chart. Showing you how  easy it actually is to predict the market. We also show you how indicators could actually be your biggest downfall.

Lesson 4 : Fundamentals

Learn how to combine your techinal analysis with upcoming news releases that can allow you to predict a potential huge market move coming up. 

Lesson 5 : Trading Plan & Rules

Without a solid trading plan with strict rules that you abide to, there is no hope for you making it long term in the markets. Your trading plan should be so exact that you could turn it into a trading bot and walk away from your screen.